We were very busy at our 3rd preseason meeting on October 14th.

Girls attended their first business meetings where they were introduced to their new business sub-team: media, outreach, or finance.  Then they went to the Level 0 training for their respective technical sub-teams: programming, electronics, or mechanical.









We also hosted special guests, Ms. Lesley Perry and Ms. Gloria Blackwell of AAUW (one of our awesome sponsors), who visited us while they were in Pittsburgh for a conference.  They went on a tour of the high bay and saw our program first-hand.









In addition, some of the girls were invited to attend the Ninth Think Big Forum event at Chatham University.  Here are comments from the girls who attended the Think Big Forum:

“The Chatham forum event went really well. I felt a connection with all of the speakers at the forum, and got to speak to all of them. One was Lani Lazzari, a former Ellis student, who I went to school with (sort of, she was older). I was amazed at what she achieved at such a young age and in such a short time. The second speaker, Georgena Terry was super cool. She was really a bike enthusiast, which I love too. The last speaker, Heather Knight, showed us a really fun robot. It was cool to see robotics being used for entertainment and performance purposes.”

“I thought the Chatham event was awesome!  The three speakers all gave wonderful and engaging presentations, and we were able to talk to each of them after the event.  Every person that I spoke to after the event had very insightful advice to give to us and seemed genuinely interested in GoS. I’m very glad that I attended this event and would love to do so again in the future.”

“The Chatham event was really interesting, and all three speakers were very inspirational! I like how they varied in age, so that we got to talk to both people closer to us in age and also older, wiser women. We also got to network after the speeches. Networking was very awkward, but we slowly improved. While we girls had a good showing in number of business cards obtained, I think Patti and Terry still one-upped us. Maybe next time!”

“The Chatham Forum was very inspirational!  The speeches were all extremely interesting, and it was great to be able to talk to women in the Pittsburgh area who are making giant leaps in entrepreneurship.  During the networking session, we were able to meet a bunch of people who are just as excited about girls in STEM as we are, and it also allowed us to experience what it is like in the professional world.”



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