Preseason Meeting #12


Today in Girls of Steel, we had our last preseason meeting.  This was the last day for the girls to build their team’s End of Preseason Project robot.  To start off the meeting, the girls went over a presentation addressing what the start of build season will look like.  During this presentation, we also had a guest speaker, Mary Widom, who came to talk about the Leap at CMU program.  The girls also welcomed the President of Oakland Catholic and the founder of iTwixie, who came to listen in on the Girls of Steel meeting.  After the meeting’s starting presentation, the girls went into their business sub teams.  In media, they worked on updating Girls of Steel’s social media, such as writing Rookie First tips.  The Sarris Candies fundraiser arrived today for finance.  In outreach, the girls worked on finalizing events in the future, such as Gwen’s Girls and events for Week Zero.premtg12p2
After business, we continued with our End of Preseason Project. The girls accomplished a lot and worked hard in order to complete their robots.   They put the finishing touches onto their robots so their team can compete against each other in the scrimmage this Sunday at the Holiday Party.  The girls are also excited to begin build season!


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