Today Girls of Steel held their 10th preseason meeting.  During the start of the meeting, the End of Preseason Project (EOPP) was announced and presented.  The EOPP involves two teams, the blue team and orange team, to build a fully functioning robot over the course of the next three meetings.  This means the team only has nine hours to design, build, and create a robot!  At the end of the project, the two teams will have their robots compete against each other in matches.

After the meeting’s start-off presentation was completed, the girls had half and hour on their business sub team, in order to provide plenty of time for the beginning day of the EOPP.  Following the shortened business meeting, the girls headed to their teams for the EOPP.  The girls spent the rest of the meeting working on their End of Preseason Project.


The End of Preseason Project is modeled after 2012’s FRC game, we call it “Re-wind Rumble”! In the game, the girls split up into a blue and orange team to design a robot to score the basketballs from the 2012 game into the top of the low goal on the practice field from Aerial Assist. Returning girls worked on the manipulator, while new and junior members worked on building the chassis. After Tuesday’s meeting, we are already 1/3 done with the time we are given to build the robot! We can’t wait to compete at the end of preseason!

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