The robot is finally coming together! This week our goal was to have the robot completed. Although we did not meet our goal, we have made excellent progress and adjusted our schedules accordingly.  We started off the week with a driving chassis and a regular, plain chassis.  By the end of the week we were able to mount all of the electronics onto the second chassis, as well as the wheels, chain, motors, and the pivot mechanisms.  On the side, we are working on developing the collector arm.  By the end of the Tuesdaymeeting, we were able to mostly complete this fabrication.  Our robot, accounting for the motors, collector system, chassis and electronics, weighs 88 lbs! Programming team was hard at work coding the first chassis. They were able to move the pivot, which has been mounted onto the first chassis completely. Additionally, the CAD design team has been putting a lot of thought and time into the robot’s CAD.

We finally selected a robot name: Atlas! Although DasBoot put up a good fight, we finally settled on Atlas for our competition robot this year!


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