Build Season Week 4

I hope everyone’s build season is going great!! During week 4, we really picked up the pace on our robot. We fully completed the chassis and managed to get it to drive in less than half an hour!! We started our second chassis for our practice robot with small changes, and are planning to replace the current chassis on the competition bot with that one if we finish before bag and tag. We finished all of the ‘trifold’ or walls in which the stacks will be built! Our fingers, slider, and collector mechanisms are almost fully fabricated and mounted on the robot! Programming experimented with different sensors, and implemented the Ultrasonic sensor and Gyro. We have also experimented with the photosensor and camera. On top of that, the programming team has spent lots of time in the machine shop helping out with mechanical! Drive team has started to have regular practices as well! Overall, we can’t wait to see other robots at Week Zero and at competition!

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