Build Season Week 2 & FLL Regionals

Week 2 was just as busy as Week 1! In Mechanical, we finished the bottom part of our U-chassis! We added a new part – the ‘doors’ – which function to hold the stacks from falling out of the U-chassis. Programming worked on autonomous and the mechanum drive, as well as finishing most of the code for the subsystems. The programming team has worked hard to create several different autonomi, as we call it. Among these include picking up 1 container and 3 totes, 1 tote and 1 container, or just 1 container. CAD finished almost everything except for collectors and doors! We adjusted the triangle peg prototype and strengthened it, and continued testing the collector prototype with one wheel. The forklift and claw arms are going well, and we stacked sets of totes with them successfully!


On Saturday, we had our FIRST Lego League Regionals! Congratulations to our team #4212 FIRST Lego Legends for getting first place in Core Values! We competed hard with 64 other teams, and it was a blast!

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