2018 Build Season Week 6

Our final week of Power Up! build season was stressful and very busy, but successful. The whole team finished up last minute jobs and projects, trying to get our robot as close to perfection as we can before bag and tag.

On Tuesday, February 13th, we had our weekly all hands meeting and discussed some last minute details that we need to wrap up before build season comes to an end. All the girls aim to finish up their final outreach credits before the deadline and got in some extra build season hours to reach the requirement of 60 work hours. During the meeting we also talked about the upcoming trip to Miami Valley Regional and also watched some videos of the progress of our collector. 

After the meeting, everyone got to work. For the rest of Tuesday and the rest of the meetings in the week, all of the subteams completed the finishing tasks to prepare the robot for competition. For the electronics team, the girls finished and mounted the E- boards, created the drag chains, and wired all of the components on the robot. The mechanical team finished last minute parts and completed and mounted the collector. The programming team worked on tweaking and fixing the programs, making sure they are ready to compete. The drive team had a couple practices and prepared for competition also.

On Saturday, February 17th, the Girls of Steel hosted the Week Zero Scrimmage at NREC which was really fun and a success, we got to meet 12 other FRC teams and it was a great practice for our robot.

Lastly, we made it to Bag and Tag after a long week.  We spent the last hours of build season at our practice field as we prepared to bag our robot. We ensured that both our competition and practice robots were mechanically complete and functional. The programming team tested the robots side by side to ensure that they both functioned exactly the same. The drive team also got some last minute practice time with the competition robot (though they will continue to practice with the practice robot before competition). When there weren’t technical tasks to be completed, girls did business work and played games! Our dinner was catered by our favorite new restaurant, Choolaah. All in all, we successfully bagged our robot by midnight and the whole team was pleased with the accomplishments that were made this season.

Overall it was a great week and a great season in general!

See you at the Miami Valley Regional competition!

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