2018 Build Season Week 5

We can’t believe that it is already week 5 of build season! We have accomplished so much in the past weeks and we are so excited that competition season is on the horizon. On Tuesday we had our weekly All Hands meeting where we officially announced our competition season leadership council.  This year we will have a Strategy Team, a Pit Crew and of course a Drive Team. Each girl will be on one of these subteams and all of the girls will be on the Safety and Spirit teams!!  We also announced our team’s Dean’s List nominees – Kristina and Langley – Congratulations!

The design and mechanical girls were hard at work this week as they mechanically completed both chassis’ and made progress on the bumpers from the practice robot. We were really excited to see the progress of the mechanisms this week as the final version of the lift is being started and adjustments were made for the collector. Seeing these two teams integrate is awesome!

The electronics team had a busy week of mounting, wiring and connecting. Permanent electronics boards have been mounted and one has been attached temporarily for programming testing. Then, the programmers tested the mechanisms and started to work with vision. Week 6 is going to be crazy and fun as we finally see the robot come together. Next Saturday is our Week Zero Scrimmage at the robotics practice field at NREC so we will get to see some other robots from 13 local teams!

Aside from building, we had a super fun week with the media! GeekWire is here, in Pittsburgh, for their HQ2 during February, so they came to meet our team! Then a reporter from Pittsburgh’s Tribune Review visited to get the inside scoop on the GoS build season.

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