2018 Build Season Week 3

Just finished the third week of build season! Girls are tapping, riveting, designing, and testing!

At Tuesday’s all hands meeting, we heard about all the new outreach events for the spring and we started brainstorming names for our practice and competition robot. The official names will be coming out next week!

As for the building, the Design team is working towards finishing the final CAD and assembly on the practice bot and are working on the lift for the final design. The Programming team continues to test different drive styles by driving the chassis to see if everything works. They have also written the manipulator code and are now ready to test. In the coming week, they hope to have the auto code written and tested. The Electrical team has now finished mounting the temporary e-board on the practice chassis and have cut both of the e-boards for competition robot. They are currently designing the cable lift management system and will organize components for the competition e-board. As for the Mechanical team, we have completed the practice chassis assembly! Next, we will complete the bumpers and start building the competition chassis! How exciting!

Our practice field is still under construction, but it was prepared for some preliminary driving practice on Thursday, so we held our meeting at NREC to test our driving skills and developed more strategies for the game! Every girl had a chance to drive a robot and everyone had fun!

On Saturday, January 27th, we hosted a Meet & Greet session with Julia Parsons, a U.S. Navy code breaker during WWII. She told us a lot about her work. She described how the decoding worked. She was one of the ones decoding messages from German U-boats using the enigma machine. All the girls really enjoyed talking to her and hearing what it was like to do her job. She said that she liked her job. After the Meet & Greet, we showed her around the highbay, including the machine shop, showed her the CAD for our robot as well as the progress on this year’s robots.  Read about her visit here and here.


We’re already halfway through build season! Good work girls, “we can do it!”

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