2018-2019 Preseason Update #3

The Girls of Steel team is closing in on the end of preseason, but there is still a lot of work to be done before our holiday party and the unveiling of the End-of-Preseason-Project!!

Beginning with the business part of the team, the Awards girls worked very hard these past few weeks and completed the rough draft for the Woodie Flowers essay! They also continued to work on the chairman’s essays. The Media team resumed working on updating the branding guidelines and some of the girls are still working on getting comfortable with using Adobe Illustrator. They also brainstormed ideas for new Girls of Steel popsocket designs!

Finance was also extremely successful this week, they worked on entrepreneurship, edited the business plan, and planned the CMU bake sale for December 12th. They also planned what nonprofits to work with and the donation gathering from the non profits, organized the Sarris fundraising orders, and worked on the Choolaah and Chipotle fundraisers. Last but not least, the Video girls worked on the chairman’s script, started looking for some videos and pictures, added comments, and filmed B roll.

Moving on the Technical side of the team, the girls have been staying strong and persevering through preseason, as they continue to work on the End of Preseason Project. The Design team finished the shooter CAD and cut shooter plates. The Electronics team finished the second E-board, and did the inventory. Programming girls continued working through training guides and getting code to the robots. And finally, the Mechanical team switched the plates around and reattached all of the 80-20s, redid part of the gearbox, and assembled one of the center wheels. They also worked on finishing the second chassis and building motors for the shooter.

Lastly, the FTC girls continued to work just as hard as the older girls on their robots. Team Hypatia debated on a new design for their robot, reflected on their scrimmage, and went right back to work on revising the robot and fixing any issues. Team Lovelace brainstormed on how to improve from the scrimmage, then they redid the chassis and mechanisms. Team Hopper attached the linear slide on their robot and moved the battery pack for more space.


All girls in both FTC and FRC did a great job these past few weeks, keep working hard!! Only a few more weeks till Build Season, We can do it!

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