2018-2019 Preseason Update #2

The fourth week of preseason has just finished, and the Girls of Steel have been extremely productive these last two weeks.

Starting with our business meetings every Tuesday, the girls have been working very hard to stay up-to pace with our plan. The Awards team has continued to work on their chairman’s essays. Awards has been collecting feedback from the girls for outlining the Woodie Flowers essay for our mentor’s nomination. The Finance team has continued to update the business plan and team goals, working on the Entrepreneurship Award. They have been choosing and narrowing down non-profits for fundraising. They have also been reaching out to different organizations for fundraisers, and just this past Friday, October 19th, we had our Choolaah Fundraiser and raised $200! Yummy!

The media team has finished updating the branding guidelines, the social media guidelines, and the trifold handout. We also started our new flyer template. The girls on media have to continued to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator through Mr. Pope’s guidance. The video team finished filming the crowdfunding video, which explains why people should donate to our cause; we are trying to raise $10,000 towards our travel costs for 2019. The crowdfunding campaign will launch in early November but you can view last year’s campaign here.

On October 9th, the girls were very lucky and excited to have Rebecca Liebert as our guest speaker. The former CEO of Honeywell UO, and current senior VP of automotive coatings at PPG, talked to the girls about her career and how she worked and persevered through adversity to get where she is today. She is very inspiring, and we are extremely grateful that she took the time to meet with us. Thank you, Mrs. Liebert!

Moving on to our technical meetings which are every Thursday – the girls have been persevering to make our EOPP perfect. The Design team has finished the prototype and continued to CAD the shooter. The Programming team continued training and got two more girls to deploy code to the robot. The Mechanical team has fixed Clyde, last year’s robot, and built one chassis for the EOPP and is almost done with the second one. The electronics team finished their first board and will start working on the second one next week. P.S Clyde is going to the RaChaCha Ruckus this weekend on October 27th.

And we cannot forget our FTC teams Lovelace, Hypatia, and Hopper. The girls have been sketching ideas, brainstorming mechanisms, putting wheels and axles together, updating the notebook, and building their chassis’s.  Plus they’re excited about hosting the FTC Drive It Workshop at NREC this weekend on Sunday, October 28th.


Make sure you keep reading our bi-weekly updates for more information about the Girls of Steel! You can contact us at girlsofsteelrobotics@gmail.com with any questions.

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