2016 Build Season:Week Four

For the first time in Girls of Steel’s history we are still on schedule at week four! Our drive team is going to be able to practice before bag and tag and they could not be any happier.  Speaking of drive team practicing, they will be doing so at our team’s practice field. The practice field is an open space and other FRC teams are invited to come test their robots! Thank you to all of the mentors and parents who have worked to create such a wonderful replica of the 2016 field and NREC for giving us such a great space.  It is scheduled to open to teams in our area on February 10th.



The mechanical girls will be working hard in the upcoming week to be sure our manipulator pieces get mounted on to the chassis and are working, while the electronics girls will be working to finish organizing the electronics board! The electronics board has already been mounted and the chassis has been able to drive since last week! The programmers have some testing to do, but they have been working on PID control as well as using an ardunio to program LED lights.  We will also be working in the upcoming weeks to create a second robot.

blog 1 week 4


Blog week 4 2

As many of you know at the end of our six week build season we have to put our robot in a bag and not do any work on it until the competition.  In order to allow for more testing and practice we build an exact copy of our competition robot and work with it all the way up until competition time!  This week also marked our written awards submission being turned in and finalized!  What a week!

Oh,  here is the link to the Week 4 fiveawesomerobots video: https://youtu.be/XdymHk_7eks

On top of all the work the Girls of Steel FRC team is doing, the FTC team is counting down to their 2nd qualifying competition, “I Heart Robots!”,  in Emmaus PA on February 14th.



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