2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #8

Preseason meeting #8 (November 22nd) was great!! Only about six more weeks ’til build season and everyone is working hard! We started off with our All Hands meeting, as always, and we went over the agenda for the day, and answered a “question of the week”. Then we continued breaking down the new Girls of Steel mission statement to understand what it really means. We also went over one of our team goals – to personally reach 5000 people – and learned that we have already reached 15% of our goal!!! We also talked about the upcoming build season (starts with Kickoff on January 7th), for which we will be coming in for approximately 10 hours a week. Then, we were also informed about the Tesla autonomous Parking Demo coming up on December 1st. After some other outreach reminders and information on FTC mentoring, we received an update from the FTC girls and they told us about the progress they are making on their robot. Then, we talked about the Girls of Steel Principles or core values and how important teamwork is to our team and how it is vital for getting things done. Lastly, we were given some info on the end of preseason project (EOPP) and sent to business time.


In business time, the media girls worked on the weekly video and blogpost. They also took some pictures and they came up with some creative Instagram posts. Finance girls worked hard and finished what they were doing last week. The outreach girls wrote some testimonials, wrote about FIRST, and then some of the girls made an outreach video.


During technical time, we reconvened on our design plans. At the end of the last meeting, we were unsure of our final designs and some aspects of our building were weaker than others. This meeting we were determined to reinvigorate the project, and by moving a couple of teammates around, we started to get our groove back! Both team 1 and team 2 started working on their mechanisms and started working diligently. The design team solidified the strategy, and the programming, electrical, and mechanical teams all worked to complete those plans to the best they could. The meeting was extremely productive!



Overall, meeting #8 was a success, let’s keep pulling through for three more preseason meetings!! The weekly video is available here.  Also, get excited for the EOPP competition and holiday party on December 17th at the practice field at NREC.  Thanks everyone for your hard work!

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