2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #7

Preseason Meeting #7, November 15th, went just as great as the rest, We are gliding through pre-season smoothly, and getting closer build season! Just as always, we began with our All Hands Meeting where we went over the agenda for the day and question of the week. Then we did something different, we broke down the mission statement – Empowering women and girls to pursue STEM by exemplifying female success in robotics – and talked about who it was for and how we can accomplish it. We went over some goals and reminders and talked about the Tesla Model S Autonomous Parking Demo, scheduled for December 1st at CMU – please meet in the highbay at 5:30 pm. Some more Barnes & Noble gift wrapping outreach shifts may be added and other outreach events were also announced. We are excited to be presenting at the Woodlands Foundation this weekend on November 19th from 1 to 3 pm.  

In other news, Sarris Candies fundraising orders were due today, but you can still Sarris cover 2016place orders online! Our code is 10-2445.  So far we have sold over $3000 worth of candy!   

We heard from the FTC girls (Girls of Steel Juniors) about their recent scrimmage and an update on their work. All of the junior girls have been working hard; keep it up!!


File Nov 17, 5 50 44 PM

Then, all the girls had a discussion on our core values; teamwork, communication, respect, integrity, and safety, and talked about how important communication within the team is.


For triad time we played a fun game called “dots and boxes”.   After our game, we talked about our end of preseason project (EOPP), which we will be working on for the next 5 weeks. Then we did some brainstorming for the project and separated into our teams. In our teams we kept working hard on different tasks in each subteam and got a lot of work done!

Blog 7_3

Blog 7

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After technical time, we cleaned up and split up into business subteams, ready to finish off the meeting strong. In business time, the media girls caught up on some work and finished up tasks from last week. The finance girls dealt with the fundraiser, and the outreach girls continued with last week’s activities. Overall, we had a very productive and efficient meeting, which we need to continue to do for future meetings.  Thanks everyone!!

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