2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #6

The 6th preseason meeting of Girls of Steel, November 8th, went very smoothly as always!  The girls came back with determination to get some work done!  Emotions are high for all of the Girls of Steel this meeting, as it is election day! And everyone is watching the polls closely. We started off our meeting with the All Hands Meeting, where we went over our agenda for the evening. There was another interesting question of the week, and we reviewed our mission statement once again.  We proceeded to go over team goals (we’ve over 15% of our goal to personally reach 5000 people) and reminders, like about the awards meetings on Saturdays from 11 am to 12 pm.  A reminder was also given for the parents to register at STIMS, and for some of the girls to get their clearances done!! We were informed about some fun upcoming outreach events to sign up for, and also reminded that our Sarris Candies fundraiser forms are due soon, on November 15th!! We got an update from some junior members about what is going over at FTC, they are doing great and learning so much! Then George gave us some wise words about what integrity (0ne of the Girls of Steel Principles)  is and how we should use integrity on the team.

blog 6.1

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At the end of the All Hands Meeting all the girls were told about the End of Preseason Project, and we were split up into two teams. There was a change in our usual schedule and instead of going to business, we separated into these teams and did some brainstorming for the End of Preseason project. After, we went to technical time and had a very efficient couple of hours in all of the sub-teams. The electronic, mechanical, and programming, and design girls were all focused on many different tasks and working on the End of Preseason Project in their teams.

Blog 6

Lastly, we ended the meeting with some business time,which also went very well. The media girls updated blog posts and got caught up on everything while keeping up with the election. In outreach, the girls worked on the Chassis Project, and the finance girls worked on their usual tasks. All of the girls worked hard and got lots of work done, as usual! Thanks again to all of the girls for doing your best!

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