2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #5

Starting off discussing our goals and mission statement, our 5th meeting (November 1st) went extremely well! As a reminder, our dues were due the 31st, so if you did not get them in, please send them ASAP. We got great updates on our FLL teams and our outreach goal to reach 5,000 people personally is over 10% there! Our Sarris Candies fundraiser also started today, so if you have an interest in selling candy, talk to our finance leader! Also, we have welding every Thursday and a self defense class coming up on December 1oth! Our FTC Liaison reminded us of the importance of being a great mentor to the 8th graders and to have great attendance. We had some triad fun time, which included getting into groups and becoming human pretzels or knots! Then high school students broke into business time to be followed by technical time while the FTC girls had their standard meeting.

blog #5

Blog #5 FTC

Business time was quite similar to the past weeks, but was still exciting! In Finance, the girls started brainstorming other fun fundraisers, like certain restaurants we can have sponsor us.

blog #5 finance 2

In Media, girls continued to produce a quality video about what is going on in the meeting, as well as help contribute to a FAQ that was started, but never finished. The FAQ is great for new students, new parents, or anyone that has an easily answerable questionable. Outreach discussed the upcoming events and how to be better at communicating and reaching out to others. Upcoming Outreach events include FLL mentoring, FLL Scrimmages, and a “Drive It” FTC Workshop at our practice field at NREC. Chassis workshops and gift wrapping dates are coming up soon and are always a blast!

During the technical time,  the mechanical girls detached the subsystems of the previous robot. Girls started to prepare the parts that will be used on the robots for the End of Preseason Project (EOPP). The mechanical girls also worked on finishing the chassis project as part of their preseason training. On the design team, girls started doing work in preparation for the end of preseason project.  This process involved brainstorming the manipulator designs of mainly high shooters.  Next we began the prototyping process for these shooters to test optimal angles and piston size. The electronics girls worked on the test board, but did not finish it, and started to get the pneumatics ready for  EOPP. As we get ready to start our EOPP at the next meeting, we are so excited to start talking to other teams and get closer to starting build season!

blog #5.3 mechanical

blog #5.1

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