2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #3

Our third Girls of Steel preseason meeting, October 18, 2016, was a very successful one! First, the team started off the meeting with our usual All Hands Meeting, we went outside to take some great team pictures, and played a game during Triad Fun Time. The FTC girls attended the All Hands Meeting, and then left to work on their own tasks. Then everyone split up into the business sub-teams, and lastly, had technical time.

In the All Hands Meeting, the we began with the question of the week, then discussed the goals and mission statement, as always. After that, we went over the requirements and expectations of being a member of the team. We talked about some upcoming outreach events and the GOS Welcome Bonfire, which is coming up this weekend. The presentation also included some information about the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award. We applauded the three outreach superstars of the week and then moved on and heard about Alexa, Arushi, Lauren, and Emilia’s experience at the White House Frontier’s Conference. We also watched a video of Barack Obama mentioning the Girls Of Steel in a speech! An FTC update about last week’s FTC meeting was given by two girls, Caroline and Imani, and George talked to us about communication.

blog 3_

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After the All Hands Meeting, all the girls went outside to take some team pictures.

resized_1617 Team photo

Girls of Steel 8th to 12th graders


Blog 3_Photo Oct 18, 6 04 46 PM resized

Girls of Steel Juniors FTC 9820


Blog 3_P1100509 resized

3 of our 5 seniors!

Then we came inside, split up into our triads, played a jeopardy game, where we answered questions about FIRST, Girls of Steel, and our 2016 robot, Byte. After our Triad Fun Time, we broke off into business sub-teams and had some work time. The FTC girls finished their chassis and discussed the programming that they will complete. For the FRC girls, business teams completed tasks like the weekly video and questions for an online article soon to come! During technical time, the mechanical and technical girls worked on taking down and creating a new chassis, the design team worked on a desk toy, and the programming started teaching the basics. Then we all dismissed at 8:30. This week was very productive and lots of progress was made!  

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