2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #2

It’s another fun meeting on October 11, 2016 for the Girls of Steel Robotics team! First, as always, we started with the All Hands Meeting, then went onto technical time, and finally business time. The team decided to have triad fun time every other week, so we could fit in 30 minutes just for triads without feeling rushed. An important difference about the meeting today was that each girl who attended the meeting must attend a Shop Training session with our mentor Chuck for 30 minutes. The FTC girls attended the All Hands Meeting and then went on to their time to work on their game.

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At the All Hands, we discussed our goals about making more direct contact, scoring more throughout the season, and knowing the contribution to the robot. Outreach events, like the Pittsburgh Maker Faire, were discussed as well as how to sign up for Outreach events. An announcement was made about Awards Team, and that going to the meetings is very helpful and important. We discussed the Thursday meetings and the certain projects that will be completed during that time for extra projects, like designing a new pit and a new robot cart. FTC girls gave an update about how they’re doing and what they planned to do during that meeting. Lastly, the Technical Sub-team assignments were handed out and each girl attended her Sub-team meeting.

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Each Technical leader gave small demonstrations and projects for the girls to do, but not too serious projects could be completed because the Shop Training has to be finished before any work could be done. The leaders gave fantastic demos and gave great intros to the technical aspects. After Technical, the girls continued onto the business team where they continued their work from the last week. This season is destined to be a great one and we can’t hardly wait until the game is released!

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