2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #11

It’s the last meeting before Kickoff! A little snow and a cold going around kept more girls from the meeting than usual so everyone that could make it picked up the slack. To start off, everyone collected their Sarris Candies fundraiser orders and then got down to business. As usual, we went through the all hands slides and discussed the GoS pitch that the outreach sub team has been working hard to perfect.  

GoS Elevator Pitch

Everyone knows their responsibilities and got diligently to work. Each of the technical sub teams: programming, design, mechanical and electrical put the finishing touches on both EOPP robots and the FTC team continued to make adjustments to their robot.

robot assembly

Robot assembly

FTC Build 121316

This is the last meeting before the holiday party (photos below) on Saturday, December 17th, where everyone* shows off what we’ve built these last few months. At the party, the two teams will finally “compete” against each other with the robots. Even if they aren’t complete, they have served as an intro into the actual build season and showed new girls what the build season entails. The team will next meet at Kickoff January 7th at A. W. Beattie Tech, where the new game, FIRST STEAMWORKS, will be fully introduced. Following the kickoff presentation we will meet at CMU in NSH 3305 from 1 to 5 pm.  We can’t wait for all the challenges and adventures that build season will bring. Have a wonderful holiday break everyone!

*The junior members will demo their FTC Competition robot, Michelle, and the FLL teams will demo their robots.

Photos from the Girls of Steel Holiday Party

Robot team A

robot team B

FTC Demo

Gift wrapping donations to Pitt

Gift wrapping the donations to the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Christmas Party.

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