2016-2017 Preseason Meeting #10

Preseason meeting number ten (12/6/16) went splendidly, we have only one more mandatory meeting for all the girls after today. We cannot believe that build season is just a couple weeks away. The meeting began with the All Hands Meeting, at which we went over the All Hands Slides. We went over the agenda, schedule, and tasks that we need to accomplish today. We also talked about our pipeline.

After that, we then focused on the mission statement and the team goals, as usual. We were reminded of some exciting, upcoming outreach events. The Barnes & Noble Bookfair fundraiser is starting soon. Two FTC girls gave us a great update on their progress and plans for the future. Mr. Pope showed us pictures and gave us some info about his trip to Shenzhen, China, where he helped some FRC teams and created a plan to Skype call and help them in the future. Then George talked to us a little bit more about the core values of our team and how we can use these to stay efficient, be productive, and keep having fun. This week we also learned about the FIRST Dean’s List Award, for which members of Girls of Steel have been applying for, for the past couple of years. We talked about what the award is, some past award recipients from the team, and the guidelines for applying (see the All Hands Slides for details). Then, an exciting announcement was given, our shirts for this year are here! Finally, we played Apples to Apples in our triads, and then got to work – junior members went to their FTC meeting and high school members went to their business teams.

China trip

apples to apples


During business time, all the business teams went over their daily tasks and prepared for upcoming events. The media team took and worked on their weekly video, and took pictures of all the subteams. In outreach, the girls discussed upcoming events and talked a little more about robot demos, and worked on the team’s “Elevator Pitch”. They also discussed the many outreach opportunities that are coming up in the next month, like gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble and the Assemble Learning Party.   At finance, the girls were worked on their usual tasks and discussed the Bethlehem Haven donation.

In technical, all the girls resumed working on the End of Preseason Project Robots. Mechanical continued working on making the parts for the robots, and determining the right length and angles to shoot a high goal. The electrical team continued working on fixing all of the problems in the pneumatics board, and programming worked on programming of course.



We are getting so close to the end of Preseason!! Keep up the good work everyone!

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