2016-2017  New Girl Orientation Meeting

The Girls of Steel started the 2016- 2017 season off with a bang!  The first meeting was the “New Girl Orientation Meeting” on September 27th for all new girls – new junior members, new high school members, and former junior members who are now joining the high school team – began with a quick introduction including who the team is and what we embody. FIRST was discussed extensively as well as the past and future that will affect the team. Then, the new girls broke off to start team bonding with returning girls. We played fun icebreakers to learn names and get comfortable with each other. The parents remained for 30-45 minutes for a parent meeting.

Blog 1_Photo Sep 27, 5 37 45 PM

After ice breakers, the junior members broke off to attend their first FTC meeting to learn about the FTC team and what joining will entail.

Blog 1_Photo Sep 27, 7 29 30 PM

The high school members went through rotations where each member learned about the sub-teams that our team is organized into. There were rotations through the business  sub-teams:  Media, Finance, and Outreach, and the technical sub-teams:  Mechanical, Programming,  Design, and Electrical. Each sub-team leader gave a short presentation on what they do and how this helps the team in a certain way.

Blog 1_Photo Sep 27, 6 53 07 PM

This first meeting was a fantastic way to introduce all the new girls and have the returning members become acquainted with the new girls. It’s the beginning to a new season and we cannot be more excited. Stay tuned for more updates!

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