2015-2016 Preseason Meeting #8

In the November 24th meeting, the 8th of 11 preseason meetings, we started off talking about upcoming events. First, we discussed the weekly topics, such as qualities necessary to be a part of the GoS Robotics Team, based on the Girls of Steel Principles. We also talked about needing to submit a photo of ourselves for our CMU ID. The new due date for Sarris Candy orders is now Tuesday, December 1st. Also in the meeting, we discussed the cost of the GoS “Thursday” t-shirts ($15) and the team shirts which are free of charge – donated by American Eagle, one of our fabulous multi-year sponsors (see the new team shirt in the photos of the junior members below). In our triads, we played the ghost game–where someone would say a letter and the rest of the team would have to spell out a word; the last person to say the last letter in the word lost. After that, we met in our business groups – media, finance, and outreach – and did our tasks assigned to us (like writing this blog post). Finally, we continued our EOPP (End of Preseason Project) building and designing, and all of the girls went home satisfied with their own hard work. The EOPP has had a very positive and exciting effect on the team! fun mechanical


designers We can’t forget the junior members of the team – there are 16 8th grade girls who are getting ready for the upcoming FTC scrimmage on December 12th. They’re working hard on designing and building a robot to play RES-Q, the new FTC challenge. They even added extra meetings on Sunday afternoons to help accomplish their goal. juniors lesson

juniors_rosie pose

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