2015-2016 Preseason Meeting #7

Tuesday, November 17th, we had another weekly preseason meeting (#7).  First, we had the all hands meeting where we discussed the daily topics–such as the necessary traits to have while on the Girls of Steel team, signing up to receive our Girls of Steel CMU IDs, and what to do to sign up to attend an outreach event (i.e FLL).

cute kittyNext, we met up with our triads and tried a new game!  This game was similar to headbands–we were each given a post-it note to put on our head, with a celebrity name on it.  In order to find out who our celebrity was, we had to ask one yes or no question to a different person each time–we did this until we discovered who our celebrity was. It was fun!  After our triad activity, the junior members worked on programming lessons and designing their FTC robot, while high school members met with their business sub team for about 25 minutes and discussed necessary topics.


After the business meeting, we got our End of Preseason Project (EOPP) team assignments – girls are on either Team FBI or Team Squirtle. We then attended welding lessons, prepped for EOPP and worked on building the chassis, designing the robot, programming, and working with our teams to further develop the progress in making our robots a success.

welding lesson mechanical


At the end of the meeting, all of the girls went home feeling proud of their accomplishments. 🙂

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