2015-2016 Preseason Meeting #4

The 4th GoS preseason meeting was held on October 27th. The weekly meeting consisted of talks about many upcoming events, which are very important to the team.  Then the team split up into their business groups, for about an hour, after doing another weekly “triad fun time” activity.  This week’s triad activity was called “I Went to the Market…” – a simple memory game.  After the game, the high school members went to their designated room to meet with their business team, where they continued their duties to further their process in making this year a successful one! The junior members went to their designated room to continue their work on the FTC robots.



Once the team finished their tasks in the business groups, they were assigned to meet with their mechanical groups and pick up where they left off the prior week.



At 7:00 PM, there was a parent meeting where topics about GoS upcoming dates and events were discussed.  As the night progressed, the team continued with their jobs until it was time to leave.  At the end of the night, everyone was proud of the work they had accomplished within these last few weeks.  This week two of our new girls share their thoughts about being a new member of Girls of Steel:  “At first I thought making robots and competing with other teams were the fundamental goals of GoS. But I was totally wrong. We are here for more than that. GoS is the model for showing girls that we have the ability and the chance to get involved in science [and STEM fields] just like boys do. So I am very proud of what we are doing:) I’ve also made lots of new friends on the team.” “So far I really enjoy being a part of the team! I’ve already learned a lot and have been given opportunities that I wouldn’t have had. Can’t wait to see what the season brings?”

-Girls of Steel

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