2015-2016 Preseason Meeting #3

On Tuesday, October 20th, Girls of Steel (GoS) held their 3rd weekly preseason meeting at Carnegie Mellon University.  First, we went through the all hands presentation with the important announcements, dates, and upcoming events.  After a detailed discussion about the nearing events, the team broke up into triads, or groups of three or four junior, new, and returning girls, to talk and play a game.  Gigi, a returning girl in GoS, came up with a game to help introduce the girls to other girls they had never met before, in order to make everyone comfortable with meeting new people and being able to hold conversations with new faces.  The game was a fun way to see what similarities you had with the other girls in your personal group, while allowing each girl to just chat with the other girls.


After the quick and fun game, the team split up into their business groups – media, finance, and outreach – to talk about upcoming assignments, and establish everyone’s duties within the group.

When the business groups were finished meeting, the girls were then assigned to meet with their technical group – programming, mechanical, electronics, and design – and learn their places in that group as well, while continuing to meet new people and make new friends.


The junior members joined us at the all hands meeting and the triad games, and then they split off to continue their FTC project – learning to build and drive robots using Tetrix kits.  Click here for a brief video of their robots.


Until next time,

-Girls of Steel


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