2015-2016 Preseason Meeting #2

October 13th was our second official preseason meeting. To kick off the meeting we started with our all hands meeting followed by some fun triad time.  The whole team divided by grade level to play the human knot and see who could untangle the fastest, the seniors won by a landslide!

The eighth graders split off and began to explore their FTC kits, and by the end of the meeting they had most of the chassis built and were able to name all of the parts in the kit!  While our eighth graders were busy building the rest of the team tested out all of the technical subteams and got shop certification.


For programming, the girls got a fun show of the basics of the subteam. Some games were played to introduce the languages used by the programming team.Web_Programming 101315

While the girls were exploring the mechanical subteam, they learned about some of the hand tools that will be used through the season. Web_Mechanical 101315

In electronics everyone got to see their enthusiastic leader demo some of the wiring they have worked with on past robots.Web_Electrical 101315

Our newest subteam, design, also got to show off what they will be doing this year.  Web_Design meeting 101315

Lastly the girls all rotated through the shop.  There they learned some important safety measures, saw all of the machines (e.g. the mill and band saw), and got to know one of our awesome mechanical mentors.

At our next meeting the high school members will find out their business and technical sub teams and our eighth graders will continue to build their FTC robots.

-Girls of Steel

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