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  1. Team 4150 FRobotics Reply

    Hey Girls,

    FRobotics would like to thank you for allowing us to use your prototype arm on our robot.

    IN order to show that the motor is legal we wondering if you write a letter saying that the motor was in your previous year’s KOP or documentation saying that it was legal in a previous competition.

    Also we were wondering if we could get the one video of our robot trying to Fly.

    Thank you
    Team 4150 FRobotics

  2. Geary Chew Reply

    I am Mentor for Aragon Robotics Team 840. San Mateo, CA. We played against you in match 37 at St. Louis, Red 107, 222, 3504, Blue 840, 3937, 1209. Yeah, you won that match. My daughter Brittney will be team captain this coming year and maybe we will see you at the Championship next year. Anyway I know Kathryn’s grandma from the Foster City Chinese Club. Say “hi” for me. Have a great rest of the summer!

    • Girls of Steel Reply

      Thank you for the nice note. So sorry for the late reply. I will give Kathryn your message. Hope your build season is off to great start and that your daughter has a great year.

  3. Gracie Phillips Reply


    We still have that jag you lent us at the scrimmage! Thank you so much for lending it to us… the girls told me you completely saved us when we spontaneously magic smoked ours. If you guys are going to need it before build season, I want to be sure to get it back to you as soon as we can, rather than just waiting until we see you again. Just let me know the best address, I can put it in the mail any time. Thanks again for letting us borrow it- you guys are, as always, the best team ever. I hope we see you again this coming season.

    FRC 2399 (The Fighting Unicorns)

    • Girls of Steel Reply

      Hi Gracie,
      Thank you for getting in touch about the jag. We will definitely need the jag sometime soon. If you can mail it to us, that would be terrific. Send it to:
      Girls of Steel
      Carnegie Mellon University
      Robotics Institute
      c/o Lynnetta Miller
      5000 Forbes Ave
      Pittsburgh PA 15213

      Hope you guys are off to a good start with the new build season. Looking forward to seeing you at the practice field again this year.

  4. Lavel Claytor Reply

    I would like more information about how to sign up one of our young ladies? What are the days and times? How long is the program start to finish? and where to get an application?
    Thank you

  5. cheryl shieirhc Reply

    I am a mom to 2 team 612 kids (one who is a girl) and was inspired and awed by you guys at cleveland. Unfortunately we did not get to see you in competition in St. Louis, but I love the girl power. Someone posted this on my facebook and thought I would forward it to you. I look forward to seeing you girls next year!


    • Rosie Reply

      Thank you for sharing the story. Hope to see you next year, too.
      -Girls of Steel

  6. Lisa Matthews Reply

    Chantilly Robotics 612 would like to send you a little something from our team but we will need a mailing address. Can you send me one?

    Cheers, Lisa Matthews (Spirit Mentor 2013-2014)

    • Rosie Reply

      Hello Lisa,
      Thank you for contacting us at the website and by email. We can’t wait to receive your gift.
      -Girls of Steel

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