Last Sunday the Girls of Steel were at the Consol Energy Center…

Last Sunday the Girls of Steel were at the Consol Energy Center for the Explorer Series! We had several activities set up to teach the kids about different aspects of the robotics team; from programming to safety to machining. Overall, it went ...

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Hey everyone! Check out this post on our Rookie FIRSTs website!

Innovation in Control Award by Rockwell Automation

This past weekend was definitely a good one! With finally getting past inspection and fixing a few problems, we got Watson exactly where we want him.  We did excellent in qualification rounds but were not picked for eliminations, BUT we received the innovation in control award!  Thanks to all the parents and mentors who made this trip possible.  We'll be spending the next few weeks preparing for St Louis, see you all there!continue reading →

Getting ready for Cincinnati!

FIVE Days until CINCI! And we are so excited! Between bagging up the tools and organizing the  e-lab there just seems like too much to do!  The highbay (or what I have lovingly dubbed the "hive"bay) is full of girls buzzing this way and that, fulfilling their tasks, and then going back to the list to get another one.  It feels like build season all over again! But the part I think I like most is how even the busiest bee still has time to stop and smile and help me write this blog post! Even…continue reading →

Website award and Volunteers of the year award!

Congratulations to 3504 mentors George Kantor, Dr. Terry Richards, and Mr. Young for the honor of volunteers of the year! We are so proud of you and we thank you for all you do for our team. Also, congratulations to the GoS website team for putting together such an awesome website and winning the website excellence award!  continue reading →

Come See the Girls of Steel: Pittsburgh FIRST Regional!

The Girls of Steel and Watson are geared and ready to go for the FIRST Pittsburgh Regional that starts this Thursday, March 8th. Playing Rebound Rumble, we can't wait to compete, meet, and help out all the other awesome FIRST teams attending. This year their is an astounding 11 rookie teams competing and two of them are mentored by the Girls of Steel. We are also happy to say that the other rookie team we mentor from Texas, Team #3999, has just won the Rookie All Star award at the Alamo Regional. We can't wait to see our hard work…continue reading →

Practice Field Announcement

The Girls of Steel Robotics practice field has a new location in the Catalyst Building in Lawrenceville (corner of 41st and Foster St.,,-79.962739&num=1&t=h&z=18).  This weekend the practice field will be open from Noon to 4 on Saturday 3/3/12.  Please bring signed release forms ( Adult release | Minor release ) when you come to the practice field.continue reading →
Bag and Tag

Bag and Tag

Watson was bagged yesterday night at 11:59, not to be touched until our first regional in Pittsburgh.  Lots of work was going on before we got him ready to go, good job Girls! And good luck to all of the other FRC teams out there!continue reading →

Thank you!

Thank you to all teams and friends who attended the Girls of Steel (FIRST Team 3504)Week Zero Competition at the Ellis Armory Robotics Practice Field. It was terrific to see the Sewickley Academy Panthers (FIRST Team 2428), Gateway Quasics Robotics (FIRST Team 2656), 4H Incognito Robotics (FIRST Team 3962), Franklin Regional FRobotics (FIRST Team 4150), and the Central Vikings (FIRSTTeam 2641). We would like to offer a special thank you to FRobotics for the sound system today.continue reading →

Just a Reminder

The Girls of Steel will be hosting a Pittsburgh area Week Zero practice competition event this Saturday, from 11:00am to 3:00pm. This mini-competition will be officiated by Pittsburgh Regional referees and we'll have awesome music! Collaboration between teams to finish our robots is highly encouraged and this is a fantastic opportunity for your drive team to get crucial practice in competition-like environment. PLEASE RSVP BY 6:00pm TONIGHT. To RSVP, email us at and let us know your team plans on coming. We hope to see you there!continue reading →