Halfway There!

We are halfway through the build season!  The Girls of Steel have successfully built two working chassis with a mecanum drive and six wheel drop center drive train.  Every team ranging from chassis to programming had to help out to make sure the robots worked efficiently. Luckily, we were able to bring our chassis to our practice field at the Ellis Armory to really test out the robots.  By the end of the third week, we were able to balance both robots on the bridge in the middle of the field. Every team member has learned so…continue reading →

The Ellis Armory Practice Field

Every Saturday from 11:00am-3pm and Tuesdays 6:00-8:30pm starting now through February 21, The Ellis School and FRC Team 3504 Girls of Steel will host the practice field at the Ellis Armory will be open to any teams who want to try out the field. All are FRC teams competing in Rebound Rumble are invited to bring a robot or come to share ideas with others. We have a full practice field as well as two working robot chassis. If you want to bring a computer, we also have free internet access.The practice field…continue reading →

One Week Down, Five More to Go!

The build season for FIRST is finally here! Everyone is scrambling around figuring out the design, finding parts, prototyping, and delegating important tasks. There's so much to do in these upcoming 6 weeks, we better get started now! On Monday, all the girls got together and watched a presentation about some possible features for the robot. There were a lot of good ideas, but we had to narrow them down. After a brainstorming session, we broke into small groups, drew a design of each group's robot and presented their idea to the other…continue reading →

Open House at Ellis Armory

This Saturday, January 14th, the Girls of Steel FRC team is hosting an open field event at the Ellis Armory! We are inviting anyone and everyone to join us and see the Rebound Rumble field pieces. The event is from 1-3pm. We hope to see some other pumped up teams ready for the season as well as anyone curious to see what FIRST does. So don't forget to be at the Ellis Armory from 1-3 pm this Saturday, January 14th. Contact Terry Richards at richardst@theellissschool.org or 412-215-4466 for more information. Click on this…continue reading →

GOS at the Children’s Institute

A couple of girls on our team participated at a robot demonstration for students at the Children's Institute of Pittsburgh on December 12, 2011. Children from the day school and their teachers were in the audience. The children were so expressive, happy, and excited to see a robot moving around the room. The children participated by "driving" the robot using the controls with assistance from one of the girls and by tossing the game pieces for the robot to retrieve. One of the children said he wanted a robot for Christmas! The girls…continue reading →

Get Ready to Ruuumbleee!!!

It’s FIRST Kickoff 2012! All the teams in attendance at CMU were super excited to find out what the game for this year was. Before the game was announced, there were a lot of different speakers who told all of us about their occupations, how FIRST effected their lives, what they have accomplished in school, and lots of other really interesting facts about engineering. This year Pittsburgh had the most students, mentors, and teams that they have ever had signed up for the Pittsburgh regional and in attendance for the kickoff event. There…continue reading →

The Girls of Steel- FRC Team 3504

Welcome to the official Girls of Steel Tumblr page. The Girls of Steel is an all girls robotics team part of FIRST. We are based in Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, PA.