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ZoŽ is designed to be a highly capable robotic astrobiologist. Equipped with specialized sensors, ZoŽ will roam the Atacama desert in search of life. Just like its predecessor Hyperion, ZoŽ will have an array of solar cells to collect energy from the sun and will plan its day to maximize science returns while maintaining battery levels. ZoŽ was given its name because it is the Greek word for "life."

Characteristics Instruments
Height 1m
Width 2m
Length 2m
Weight 180kg
Top Speed 1.2 m/s
Turning Radius 2.5m
Odometer 0km
Fluorescence Imager

A combination of camera, intensifier, filters, and chemical dyes will enable ZoŽ to detect certain organic compounds.

Fluorescence Image

Chlorophyll will be detected using a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, an instrument that analyzes light reflected from an object.

Hyperion LEDs Photo

The plow will enable ZoŽ to flip over rocks and expose sub-surface soils before using its life-detecting sensors.

Plow Photo

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