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ZoŽ Navigates Autonomously 2005

ZoŽ driving across rocky terrain avoiding large objects and craters.

ZoŽ Assembly 2005

Time lapse of ZoŽ being assembled in the desert.

ZoŽ in the Atacama 2004

ZoŽ in the Atacama's arid core conducting long-distance autonomous traverse. Instruments operating.

Zoe Assembly 2004

Timelapse movie of Zoe's assembly in the Atacama in 2004

Zoe Rollout 2004

Footage from the first mobility test of Zoe

Hyperion in the Atacama 2003

Compiled movie from Hyperion's trip to the Atacama in April 2003

Sun-Synchronous Robotic Exploration 2001

Compiled movie from Hyperion's trip to Devon Island in July 2001


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