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Instrument Description Maturity
Stereo Panoramic Imager (SPI) Stereo color cameras on a pan/tilt unit.Returns panoramas and high-res images up to 1 mm/pixel resolution. Primary sensor for target selection and understanding science context. High. Integrated with rover. Returned useful science data. Minor calibration, reliability issues.
Visible/Near Infrared Spectrometer (VNS) Returns spectra in visible and near-infrared wavelengths. Primarily used for mineralogy, may also detect chlorophyll Medium. Backpackable unit separate from rover. Returned useful science data. Mature technology.
Fluorescence Imager (FI) Returns visible reference and fluorescence images. Used to identify life by detecting naturally fluorescent biomolecules such as chlorophyll. Low. Integrated with rover. Did not return useful science data. Basic technology research still required.
Environmental Sensors (ES) Weather station with wind, humidity, insolation sensors. Used for both engineering (e.g., solar panel performance) and science environment understanding. High. Stationary weather station separate from rover. Returned useful data. May or may not be integrated with rover in future expeditions; integration not expected to be challenging.

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