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Field Reports
October 06, 2005 - Investigating the High Desert (PDF)
"Shortly before dawn wind that the rover was sustained above 45 KPH (30 MPH) and gusting to 55 KPH(40 MPH). Several hours later winds were 70 KPH (45 MPH) with gusts to 90KPH (55 MPH)..."

September 30, 2005 - Moving to the Final Field Site (PDF)
"After concluding the remote science investigation ZoŽ drove across the mud flat and up into the hills. This was the longest autonomous drive to date, nearly 6km of continuous motion."

September 26, 2005 - Investigating the Mud Flats (PDF)
"Unknown to the science investigation team in Pittsburgh, we have learned that the area of Site E experienced rain this year for the first time in more than a decade. Many of the drainages are freshly cut with water flow."

September 16, 2005 - Repair and Recovery (PDF)
"...we were online, literally minutes before the upload of the landing site panorama. It was a tough week for everyone but we are back on track"

September 15, 2005 - Rover Damaged in Transport (PDF)
"Upon arrival at the cargo drop location for our Site E investigation at Salar de Navidad it was immediately clear that ZoŽ had been damaged by the ride in the cargo transport from Salar Grande."

September 14, 2005 - Exploring the Coastal Range (PDF)
"All in all, the science investigation near Salar Grande,kept the field team on its toes. Thanks to hard work and good ideas, we overcame a few interesting problems. In return ZoŽ collected quality data throughout the valley dubbed ďPuerta de AguaĒ"

September 06, 2005 - Beginning Science Ops (PDF)
"Eventually, not the speed but the endurance of our trucks caused the dogs to give up...The robot was unloaded a few kilometers from the official landing site, and driven there autonomously. Science ops began smoothly."

September 02, 2005 - Tweaking and Debugging (PDF)
"These tests were instructional in several ways. Most importantly, they were our first attempts at running EventScope commands from Chile. It resulted in a few more bug fixes"

August 30, 2005 - Long Traverses and Transects (PDF)
"ZoŽ was commanded to pass through a ďgateĒ consisting of two cairns nearly 1300m away and end up at the center of camp. The robot performed very well..."

August 25, 2005 - Never Get Lost Again (PDF)
"After driving all around the region south of Salar Grande trying to decide which valley we were in and whether it was possible to get out of the current drainage..."

August 24, 2005 - Finishing the Small Details (PDF)
"ZoŽ has 9 camera onboard, if you count the Fluorescence Imager and the Sun Tracker. Today we worked on image quality and calibration"

August 23, 2005 - Build a Robot in a Day (PDF)
"The pictures show it all, you can watch the shadow clock around as we went from crates to rover charging batteries and driving around."

August 22, 2005 - Setting Camp and Getting Crates (PDF)
"This year we will investigate south of Salar Grande with ZoŽ, about a 50 minute drive beyond the paved road. The road was graded long ago but now the straight sections are washboarded and the rest serpentines through dry washes..."

August 21, 2005 - Exploring Salar Grande (PDF)
"We encountered some evidence of seismic activity in several areas and rejected one camp due to an open fissure that was deep (several seconds of rock drop), sulfurous smelling, and 8-10C warmer than the ambient air temperature."

August 19, 2005 - Arriving Antofagasta (PDF)
"We drove in from the north and made our way through the Cerros de Cuevitas to reach Salar de Navidad. This area lacks any apparent signs of life. We were very interested to find that this salar is a vast dry mud flat, unlike the blocky halite of Salar Gra"

October 17, 2004 - Navigation Experiments (html)
"Continue Autonomous Navigation Experiments. Today ZoŽ passed the 50 kilometer mark navigating autonomous."

October 16, 2004 - Visitors (html)
"Hosted visitors in the field. We had an event for the invited guests of our Chilean co-investigators and were surprised and impressed that almost 100 people made the 200km trip from Antofagasta to see Zoe."

October 15, 2004 - More Autonomy Testing (html)
"Today we conducted as series of autonomous traverses across a plano cut through by arroyo(dry streambeds)."

October 14, 2004 - Autonomy Tests (html)
"Conducted autonomous navigation experiments. This field season we have conducted over 200 autonomous traverse experiments."

October 02, 2004 - Pre-Ops Testing (html)
"Executed combined navigation and science. Today we ran tests of Zoeís autonomy software to confirm its performance planning and executing both navigation and science tasks."

October 01, 2004 - Setting up for 2nd Ops (html)
"Assembled environmental monitoring station. New components have been installed and configured. The sun tracking spectrometer was tested and calibrated. Everything is ready of installation tomorrow."

September 30, 2004 - Preparing for 2nd Round of Ops (html)
"Repaired environmental station. Replacement processor board and hard disk for our environmental monitoring station have been installed and rebuilt."

September 28, 2004 - Arrival at 2nd Site (html)
"Arrived at field site. Our second field site this season is in the region southeast of Antofagasta, in the interior of the Atacama desert."

September 26, 2004 - Transport (html)
"Prepared to relocate. Work is now complete at our first investigation site near Salar Grande in the north coastal range of the Atacama."

September 10, 2004 - Final Days of Preparation (html)
"We continue to have excellent results from ZoŽís onboard fluorescence imager (FI). After initial confirmation that the instrument is able to excite and detect fluorescence in daylight (under the shade of the rover), we have further refined the specifi"

September 08, 2004 - Refining & Testing (html)
"Continuing position estimator development. Rover motion controller verified. Environmental station logging. Testing panoramic imaging."

September 06, 2004 - Instrument Testing (html)
"The onboard Fluorescence Imager (FI), which passed its initial mechanical and electronic checkout a few days ago, imaged samples placed in its field of view."

September 05, 2004 - Power & Navigation Testing (html)
"ZoŽís power monitoring computer is online and sensors throughout the rover are connected. We continue to work on sun-based orientation determination and are tracking down issues in the input parameters to the ephemeris calculation."

September 04, 2004 - More Testing (html)
"Imaged sun. ZoŽ carries a sun tracking camera, a 180į field of view camera that looks up through a very dark filter, that sees only the white spot of the sun in the sky."

September 03, 2004 - Preliminary Rover Testing (html)
"We made a preliminary visit to the area in which we plan to conduct the remote science investigation. The area, bordered by mountains, is approximately 7 kilometers by 3 kilometers in extent. ZoŽ will be able to traverse much of it, but there are small"

August 31, 2004 - Rover Assembly (html)
"Today we began assembling ZoŽ and completed the chassis and electronics. Tomorrow the instruments and solar array."

August 30, 2004 - First Field Report (html)
"Explored southern Salar Grande. This field season, with a more capable rover, we are planning to investigate regions to the south of Salar Grande higher up into the coastal range."

April 27, 2003 - Hyperion Field Experiments Concluded (html)
"Terrain model high-resolution data collection and soil mobility and locomotion power experiments.Return Hyperion from the field, tear down, and pack."

April 26, 2003 - Hyperion Showcased to Public (html)
"Public visits to Hyperion, endurance test of mission planning/executive and navigator, communications system tests ( VHF long range transmission). "

April 25, 2003 - Remote Science Investigation Concluded (html)
"Remote science investigations on west side of salar and endurance test of mission planning/executive and navigator."

April 24, 2003 - More Science Experiments & Data collection (html)
"Science operations along west side of salar, collect localization data from Sun sensor and omniview camera, test mission planning of science instrument (SPI) data collection."

April 23, 2003 - More Remote Science Investigations (html)
"Remote science investigation approaching alluvial fan, collect localization data from Sun sensor and side-view camera, and test mission planning of science instrument (SPI) data collection "

April 22, 2003 - More Science Operations (html)
"Science operations during traverse from Pampa Nevada site to next site and deployment of spectrometer and fluorescence microscope"

April 21, 2003 - Rover Science Experiments Begin (html)
"Rover science operations at Pampa Nevada"

April 20, 2003 - Testing and Analysis (html)
"Autonomous navigation and power measurements, operations with mission planner/health monitor, panoramic visual odometry data collection and setting up for tomorrow's science operations. "

April 19, 2003 - Rough Terrain Encountered (html)
"More autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, operations with mission planner/health monitor, and panoramic visual odometry data collection. "

April 18, 2003 - Hyperion Traverses 1213 Meters (html)
"More autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, operations with mission planner/health monitor and visual odometry data collection. Collecting SPI data collection as well as fluorescence imaging instrument data."

April 17, 2003 - Early Experiments and Operations (html)
"Autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, operations with mission planner/health monitor, and visual odometry data collection."

April 16, 2003 - Hyperion Afield for the Night (html)
"Autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, operations with mission planner/health monitor, visual odometry data collection"

April 15, 2003 - More Testing (html)
"Autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, operations with mission planner/health monitor, and visual odometry data collection."

April 14, 2003 - More Experiments & Data Collection (html)
"Autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments, terrain data collection (delayed), visual odometry data collection, and SPI calibration - Collect sun sensor test image

April 13, 2003 - More Autonomous/Solar Experiments (html)
"Continued basic navigation experiments with Hyperion, ranging farther afield. Panoramic camera installed, researchers arrive, and solar experiments continually improving."

April 12, 2003 - Testing (html)
"Full-day solar experiment and more autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments."

April 11, 2003 - Experiments Begun (html)
"Initial checkout and calibration, set up operations tent and communication, and begin autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments."

April 10, 2003 - Hyperion Ready (html)
"Log weather data, prepare solar experiment, assemble Hyperion electronics/sensors, checkout and calibration (delayed), and select site for first navigation."

April 09, 2003 - Hyperion Assembled (html)
"Get solar/weather station operational, assemble Hyperion "

April 08, 2003 - Chariot del Fuego Completed (html)
"Set up solar/weather station, complete Chariot del Fuego, begin Hyperion assembly (delayed), resupply in Iquique"

April 07, 2003 - Experiment and Base Camp Sites Located (html)
"Located area west of salar suitable to long distance navigation and communication experiments.Located site for base camp with reasonable proximity to science sites and rover experiment sites."

April 06, 2003 - Locating Experiment Sites (html)
"Explored eastern salar in an extensive traverse to locate area for long-distance rover navigation experiments and to find a diverse selection of terrains."

April 05, 2003 - Unloading Hyperion (html)
"Obtain supplies and equipment in Iquique, receive Hyperion and Cargo, and scout sites for solar and rover experiments"

April 04, 2003 - Arriving in Chile (html)
"Arrive Iquique, arrange access and support, locate sites for science investigation, and obtain supplies and equipment."

None - Beginning Investigation in the High Desert (PDF)
"Shortly before dawn wind that the rover was sustained above 45 KPH (30 MPH) and gusting to 55 KPH (40 MPH) and several hours later winds were 70 KPH (45 MPH) with gusts to 90KPH (55 MPH)."

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