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Field Report

April 14, 2003
Salar Grande, Atacama Desert, Chile

- Autonomous navigation and power measurement experiments
- Terrain data collection (delayed)
- Visual odometry data collection
- SPI calibration
- Collect sun sensor test image

Status and Progress
- Drove Hyperion. Hyperion went on another out and back excursion today in what is planned to be the last preliminary navigation run. The inertial/odometric state estimator is working quite well and over the course of 1297m of operation today, Hyperion returned to its zero point within about 3 meters. (See image of Hyperion and a GPS base-station. The GPS is used only to collect ground-truth position information, it is not used for navigation.) Difficulties with the firewire bus are improving but are not yet confidently resolved. Also, today Hyperion blew another fuse. Hyperion is doing a fair bit of hill climbing but high peak currents are unexpected. We will investigate further but have also increased the fuses to 6A. Today's navigational run was almost entirely autonomous and the total distance of autonomous navigation over the last 4 days stands at 4857m.
- Wired fluorescence imager. The fluorescence imager electronics are now installed. There appears to be a wiring problem with one bank of LEDs that will be debugged tomorrow. Again related to the firewire bus, some implementation changes will be need to grab images from the instrument.
- Wired side view camera. The side-view camera which is collecting data for visual odometry was installed and operational during Hyperion's operations today. A one-hour continuous data set was collected for analysis and algorithm development.
- Grabbed sun sensor image. We grabbed some test images from the sun sensor to verify image quality and parameter settings. The first data set of correlated sun images and rover positions will be collected in the next few days.
- Attempted to calibrate SPI cameras. We attempted again to calibrate the SPI cameras and despite good calibration images have not yet obtained a converged solution of the calibration parameters.

- Operations with mission planner/health monitor
- Verify site DEM
- Cameras, more cameras

Humidity Insolation Temperature Wind

Vulture Count: 0

Quote of the Day
"No problemo, we will not fire the artillery until 10 days from now."


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