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Field Report

April 9, 2003
Salar Grande, Atacama Desert, Chile

- Get solar/weather station operational
- Assemble Hyperion

Status and Progress
- Tracked problem with solar/weather station disk drive to a ground
fault. Replaced cables and brought the system online. After several
hours it shutdown (not very gracefully) due to suspected high
temperatures. Installed fan and system appears stable. Completed
calibration of voltage and current from solar test panels (Si and
GaAs). Weather data logging is fully functional but some work is
needed to prepare the solar experiment. Weather station should be
online Thursday morning.
- Completed mechanical assembly of Hyperion. Everything appears to be
in working condition with no problems encountered although we did
manage to install the front axle backwards the first go. Hyperion was
lifted on the transport frame and driven from the cargo drop-off point
to base camp.
- Completed electronics installation. All the internal electrical
components were installed and initial electrical checks were
successful. The next step is to install the sensors/cameras and solar
panel before beginning thorough system checks.

- Complete preparation of solar experiment
- Initial checkout, calibration, and first navigation experiments with

[Weather station not yet online]
Morning: Clear no fog or dew, 13C, Winds <5kph East.
Afternoon: Sunny, High 27C, Wind 20-30kph North.
Evening: Clear, 9C, Winds <10kph North.

Vulture Count: 2

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