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Field Report

April 8, 2003
Salar Grande, Atacama Desert, Chile 

- Set up solar/weather station
- Complete Chariot del Fuego
- Begin Hyperion assembly (delayed)
- Resupply in Iquique

Status and Progress
- Set up base camp and sorted and organized gear. The camp is isolated
from the road (4x4 track) but has excellent line of sight to the
science tests sites and broad valley running along the fault through
the salar. This camp will serve as the initial operational test area
and by relay link as the operations site for the science
investigations. Several of the localization and endurance navigation
experiments will require a remote operations site.
- Completed assembly of frame to transport Hyperion between various
test sites with 4x4 vehicle. It now only needs Hyperion.
- Resupplied drinking water in Iquique and uploaded images and progress
reports from a beach-side Internet cafe. No time for surfing.
- Assembled and anchored solar/weather station tripod and instrument
brackets. Booted weather station computer and soon discovered disk
drive cable "en fuego". Debugging of electrical problems and
communication with Iquique ensued. New EIDE cables were secured by
team members resupplying water in Iquique. We opted for sleep after
late-night planning for debugging the solar/weather station.

- Get solar/weather station operational
- Assemble Hyperion

[Weather station not yet online]
Morning: Clear with fog on salar, Dew (8C dp) , 13C, RH 70%, Winds none.
Afternoon: Hazy, High 27C, Wind 20-30kph.
Evening: Clear, 15C, Winds calm.

Vulture Count: 3

Quote of the Day
"Enrique is my copilot."


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