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Field Report

April 6, 2003
Salar Grande, Atacama Desert, Chile

- Locate sites for rover experiments in western Salar
- Establish base camp (delayed)

Status and Progress
- Explored eastern salar in an extensive traverse to locate area for long-distance rover navigation experiments and to find a diverse selection of terrains. This expedition involved a fair bit of single track navigation and some deep sand with only minimal excitement. (The team did have to outrun a mining camp dog who was clocked at 40kph.)
- Conducted several communication tests at greater than 8km to establish communication with Pampa Nevada site.
- Collected ground control points to the east and south to obtain larger distribution for digital elevation model (DEM) that will be generated from satellite data (from the ASTER instrument).
- Began construction of frame to transport Hyperion on 4x4 truck. The frame was dubbed the "chariot del fuego" as Hyperion is the greek Titan of the sun.

- Scout western side of salar and obtain last ground control points
- Establish base camp

[Weather station not yet online]
Morning: Clear, Dew (damp soil, condensation on crates and vehicles), Low 8C, no Wind
Afternoon: Hazy, High 25C, Wind 20-40kph.
Evening: Clear, 20C, Wind 10-15kph.

Quote of the Day
"This is KB3-Finch on the air."

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