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Field Report

April 4, 2003
Salar Grande, Atacama Desert, Chile

- Arrive Iquique
- Arrange access and support
- Locate sites for science investigation
- Obtain supplies and equipment

Status and Progress
- Reached Iquique by first light of the morning flight Hyperion and
cargo in order to catch up with Hyperion and cargo which moved quickly
through customs in Santiago and then on to Iquique by air. Many thanks
to Universidad Católica de Chile for their assistance. The airport for
Iquique is between the beach and the coastal mountains in a 1km wide
strip of sand.
- Arranged access to the Salar Grande site with Compania Minera Punta
de Lobos which has also very generously provided access to their
cafeteria, showers, water and fuel depot, and internet connection.
This is a very important and invaluable development as it will greatly
aid the efficiency of our operations by simplifying logistics. We
expect to be more productive and to be able to report progress and data
- Toured the Salar Grande area with officials from the Compania Minera
Punta de Lobos who explained which unmarked dirt road was which, and
with our GPS coordinates located the cairns marking the three sites of
science investigation selected by the initial science team.
- Visited Iquique to obtain basic supplies and equipment for base camp.
In order to lighten our cargo load, most basic equipment: ropes,
tarps, tools, water and fuel containers, and the base camp generator,
were obtained in Chile.

- Receive Hyperion cargo

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Afternoon: Sunny. Hazy. ~20C. Winds 20-40kph.

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